Jorge Cherbosque

Jorge Cherbosque, Ph.D.
• Licensed Clinical Psychologist
• Organizational Consultant/Trainer/Executive Coach
• Motivational Speaker
• Cross Cultural Marketing Research

Cathy Cherbosque, Ph.D.
• Director, Education, Research and Development

Cathy Cherbosque

We teach the skills leaders need so they can be right and effective 

We help navigate the process of change and build resilience 

We help teams build productive work relations and cohesiveness

We coach individuals to move forward with a roadmap for success

We help organizations understand the power of inclusiveness and the leveraging of diversity

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Best Self

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in the workplace
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Executive Retreats / Training

Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World defines and elaborates the emotional intelligence and diversity model...

Primer The Primer:
A Summary/Introduction to the EID model...

EID Four Part Workbook Series
• Affirmative Introspection
• Self-Governance
• Intercultural Literacy
• Social Architecting